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Further Study of Christ and Christmas

Chronology of Publication

Writings by Mary Baker Eddy relating or refering to Christ and Christmas

Subject Area


Article- Read Text
Introduction Mis 371:26 Christ and Christmas
Introduction Mis 33:1 note about clergyman's remarks
Plate # 10 Mis 323:1 AN ALLEGORY
Plate # 11 Titled "The Way" Mis 355:1 THE WAY
Stopping Publication after 2 editions Mis 307:11 DEIFICATION OF PERSONALITY

What others have said about the meaning of "Christ and Christmas"

This list includes publications I have discovered to date. Inclusion does not mean endorsement. Everyone is free to inquire of God and equally capable of discerning the Truth.


 Publisher / Distributor
Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy

Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr. C.S.B. (Introduction)

James F. Gilman - Diary Records

The Bookmark

PO Box 801143 Santa Clara, CA 91380 www.thebookmark.com

Mrs. Eddy's Explanation of The Illustrated Poem "Christ and Christmas" given by Judge Septimus J. Hanna

The Bookmark

PO Box 801143 Santa Clara, CA 91380 www.thebookmark.com

 Science and Health (1st edition)  Mary Baker Glover

 Rare Book Co.

P.O. Box 6957 Freehold, NJ 07728

can be read online at http://www.mbeinstitute.org/SAHI/1875toc.htm

Painting a Poem

Mary Baker Eddy and James F. Gilman Illustrate Christ and Christmas

The Christian Science Publishing Society, Boston, MA The Christian Science Publishing Society, Boston, MA
Angelic Overtures of Christ and Christmas Alice L. Orgain, C. S. May be read at the Mary Baker Eddy
"Remarks" Subject "Christ and Christmas" To Francis Mack Mann Association, Denver, CO 6/21/1952  William Curtis Coffman, C.S.  

Longyear Museum and Historical Society

Volume 30, Nos.3,4


Longyear Museum and Historical Society

120 Seaver St. Brookline, MA 02146

Exerpts from Mary Baker Eddy's writings, from the Christian Science periodicals, and from other works published by thhe Christian Science Publishing Society regarding Mrs. Eddy's place in Bible prophecy unknown compiler  unknown

The Key to "Christ and Christmas"

 Carl Gluck

self published pamphlet 1926

 The Christian Science STANDARD

Volumes 12:1,2; 13:1-

Stanley C. Larkin

  The Christian Science Endtime Center

P.O. Box 27539, Denver, CO 80227 www.endtime.org

James Franklin Gilman - ninteenth century painter

 Adele Godchaux Dawson

Phoenix Publishing, Cannan, NH
Additional Resources: Some of the original drawings for Christ and Christmas are housed at The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity, Boston MA - www.marybakereddylibrary.org Copies of some of the above publications may be available here by request.

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