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"Christ and Christmas" - Song and object-lesson (type and shadow)

This is my interpretation of the object lesson for each illustration. Each time you study the book anew, the object lesson you write for yourself should grow clearer.

Each number refers to the Bible verse, poetic verse and corresponding illustration.

1. Understanding our divine commission and Holy place requires singleness of purpose. Mortal mind blocks the way. Hypocrisy and lust will try to convince us to give it up (to swallow it up), to modify our convictions to coordinate in human logic. These material forms deny the original prophetic commission.

SH 504:23
The rays of infinite Truth, when gathered into the focus of ideas, bring light instantaneously, whereas a thousand years of human doctrines, hypotheses, and vague conjectures emit no such effulgence.

2. 3.When we behold the perfect man and describe His effulgence, our whole being is transformed. We depart some what from ourselves and we cease listening to the judgments of man - we give up our perceptions of man as dark, as having a dark past, full of accusation, guilt and judgment.

4. We must place our earthly all on the alter of divine Love for we are already dead in sins and focus all our attention on our guide to eternal life. Listen with the divine ear. Make a worthy record for our friends and enemies on earth. Keep our peace no matter what. Be not disturbed; we will be tested. If worthy, we will give up all material significance for Christ and see a table prepared in the presence of our enemies.

Tim II:15
15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

5. 6. We will have to overcome all human beliefs and attachments; childhood, old age, invalidism, infidelity, hypocrisy, false teaching, priesthood, friends and family, independence, personal wealth, brain thinking and all the pleasure and pride of the senses.

Love will guide us through this miasma of beliefs and suggestions to the consciousness of Mind as only.

7. When this Truth dawns in consciousness, we are lifted above earth's treasures, lightened and brightened. We see shadows of earth in a better light as a helpful guide, spirit interpreted. We know that God is not there in objects, but present everywhere as Principle; One. This is the first Love acknowledged -

8. 9. acknowledged Christ consciousness, the immediate knowledge of God (Nous).

Here man has no contests. Divine Grace is offered and received by the receptive heart with absolute authority.

Behold, we stand on Holy Ground.

10. As a child who is Father-Mother God dependent, we turn the key and unlock our own and our neighbor's consciousness to behold the kingdom of God on earth, to still the pride of old theology and feed the hungry with crumbs of comfort as CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS.

11. Treating the sick by argument is not divine knowing, but it may be (is?) an intermediate step as we advance our concept of humanity here. We observe our own thought vacillating between two opinions (another god beside Me?) as we witness Christ separating the error from the Truth.

Those who seek human comfort although swaddled by Christ presence are ignorant of that divine presence due to lack of effort.

12. 13.There is only
One God - Father/Mother
One creation - Male/Female
One Voice - Christ/Science

The power of Love and the charity of Truth are united in form and purpose.

Take divine Science, the Alpha and Omega being One.

14. The consciousness of Truth is present here with each one of us as an open invitation, but an angel message cannot be heard unless we give up something.

15. We appear to ascend as our thought ascends from dominion over the cross, the world's condemnation of the Christ Science and the two anointed ones, to noble life motives and divine humanity, to witnessing Christ's identity as our own - the divine I or Us, to royal beams of regal authority.


And he that overcometh, and keepeth my
works unto the end, to him will I give
power over the nations:
And I will give him the MORNING STAR. - Christ Jesus

This Morning Star, as the guiding Star of Being is the root and offspring, cause and effect presented to the whole world.

We find heaven here, illumined as we give Love freely to all - as Light passing through the Star.


George Denninger 02/05/04

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